Welcome to my WordPress site. I’m Ron Owen. Author of my debut novel The Evolution Stone. It’s a 90,000 word Action/Adventure tale. My FMC Kali Hunter is a theft recovery agent who steals items back from theives to return them to their rightful owners.

With any luck and a lot of hard work it should be available on Amazon sometime in 2017.

I’ll be posting some writing samples and a potential book cover and hopefully get some feedback. Who knows, there might just be some rewards for those that are especially helpful.

Suggestions for my blog and potential posts will be greatly appreciated.

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By day I’m an automotive customization specialist. Graphics are my area of expertise. Stripes of all shapes, sizes and colors. By night, author and creator of┬ámy crime-fighting FMC Kali Hunter. She spent 10 years studying ballet and 10 years with a Samurai Sword Master. That makes for a deadly combination. Picture Summer Glau in the bar fight scene in Serinity. She was my model for Kali. (more about this later in my blog)